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Version stable 3.2.2Version imprimable de cet article Version imprimable

Publié Février 2013, (màj Mai 2013) par : Nevermind   

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Ce fil est ouvert pour les aspects spécifiques de la version stable 3.2

Les modifs :

- Quilted Raster(RNC) and Vector(ENC) digital chart display
- Industry standard GPS receiver interfacing, with « moving map » on-screen vessel tracking.
- AIS receiver interfacing with configurable target safety monitoring
- Integrated Route, Track, and Waypoint database, with industry standard Import/Export capabilities
- Tide and Current prediction, with on-screen overlay of predicted data.
- Broad International Language support
- PlugIn architecture allowing on-going third-party functional enhancements.

OpenCPN is released under the GPLV2 license. The executable program and its source code are available for immediate, free, and unlimited download from

As a successor to OpenCPN Version 3.0, OpenCPN Version 3.2 contains a many new features and enhanced functions. Among them are :

- Complete update of user Options dialogs and context menus, incorporating modern graphics and uniform styles.

- Significantly enhanced navigation instrument input and output options, including extensive network connection capabilities supporting TCP, UDP, and GPSD data sources.

- New User Interface theme support, with OpenCPN traditional as well as two new low profile themes.

- Enhanced clipboard support, including interfaces to external KML data sources.

- Enhanced Tide and Current dataset support, including modern fully binary datasets.

- Various improvements in the display and tracking of AIS data targets.

- Automatic Great Circle route generation options.

- Significant enhancement of the Dashboard PlugIn, including new user interface options and a variety of stylish, new instruments.

- Improved sound system support for linux hosts.

- Major update to embedded Users Manual.

- Measurably improved performance and reliability over all supported platforms.


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